When the evening comes

The water surface is reflecting your shining eyes… You are swimming in the river of flickering lights and throwing off the dust of worries. The evening that is enchanted by you is coming...

- They are just wonderful!
Stones, used in the collection
Druze of chalcedony

This stone is a symbol of love because it protects family happiness. The jewelry with chalcedony is recommended to wear women that want to attract men’s attention. It is also a faithful companion to sailors and travelers.

Chalcedony, topaz, rhodolite, sapphire, black diamond

The inclusive brand “Power of Nature” is author’s jewelries.

They are created manually from silver and rare collected stones from all around the world.

Creating each collection is a long and painstaking process. Living natural stones and the author’s deep design endow jewelry with special power. Each jewelry goes through several stages of verification and only then goes on sale. The process of creating each collection takes more than 6 months.

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