Sophisticated, smart and daring cougar has gone hunting. She will not miss her happiness.

Designed by Vaseva Elena.

- They are just wonderful!
Stones, used in the collection
Red coral sponge sprig

This stone is like amulet for family happiness because it maintains good relations between members of the family and create coziness in the house. Red coral gives its owner long and happy life. This mineral can instill in its owner love to all people in the world and make him always think in a positive way.

Chrome diopside, black diamond.

Items in the collection
The inclusive brand “Power of Nature” is author’s jewelries.

They are created manually from silver and rare collected stones from all around the world.

Creating each collection is a long and painstaking process. Living natural stones and the author’s deep design endow jewelry with special power. Each jewelry goes through several stages of verification and only then goes on sale. The process of creating each collection takes more than 6 months.

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Happy woman is the main force of Nature