Mystery of two

The sunset sky is flooding with purple watercolor. The rays of the autumn sun are barely falling into windows. She is wearing a velvet emerald gown. Her porcelain face is shining. Her hair is curling. A glass of red wine is coloring her lips. The garden of thorns outside the window will let in only those, who she is waiting for today. A bouquet of dark irises and roses is in his hands. She is in front of the mirror, but she doesn’t ask it: “Who in the world is sweetest?” She knows the answer and he knows.

Designed by Gutina Alexandra.

- They are just wonderful!
Stones, used in the collection

This stone has an ability to reveal the internal potential of its owner and help him to achieve goals. Corundum can influence on people positively. Also, this mineral can increases its owner self-esteem. The strong connection is established between the person and the crystal. That is why both sides are eager to full fill one dream.

Black diamond

Items in the collection
The inclusive brand “Power of Nature” is author’s jewelries.

They are created manually from silver and rare collected stones from all around the world.

Creating each collection is a long and painstaking process. Living natural stones and the author’s deep design endow jewelry with special power. Each jewelry goes through several stages of verification and only then goes on sale. The process of creating each collection takes more than 6 months.

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Happy woman is the main force of Nature