Power of Nature

Fashionable, innovative brand that points the way to happiness!

In every city there are big lovers of natural stones. They always understand them growing value, and even more so the value of jewelry with them. Unprocessed natural minerals are especially distinguished, jewelers their bypass due to the difficulty of manufacturing frames and fasteners, and already picking up stones for a set of 2-3-4 jewelry is an impossible task.

The creator of the brand “Power of Nature” Salamatin Andrey for a long time watched amazing nuggets, Druze, jeodes at gemological exhibitions and auctions, until he saw a way to combine unusual forms of minerals and a beautiful, high-quality frame. Ancient Italian technology of manual modeling with stone and wax with further casting and manual refinement is available only to a harmonious union of a skilled artist-sculptor and an experienced jeweler. Need to find such people, make friends with the masters, charge them with love for natural minerals and inspire the creation of jewelry. And so the legendary team of the brand “Power of Nature” was born.


5 years of experiments with the "Power of Nature" brand with forms of natural minerals and handmade technologies coincided with the world fashion for natural gems and an interest in craft jewelry, so many customers are happy to buy, give and love the "Power of Nature" brand jewelry. The participation in the exhibition JCK Las

Vegas and Tokyo Autemn is confirm: handmade fashion and rare gems are a global trend, and the Russian jewelry market is already on this path.

The success of the "Power of Nature" brand and the main secret lies in the innovative technique - lithopsychotherapy, thanks to which women, trying on jewelry from the "Power of Nature" brand, get not only a jewelry set with a rare stone, but also a source of female happiness. The team of the "Power of Nature" brand regularly receives grateful feedback from wholesale and retail customers from all over the world, and the 3 rules of the Power of Nature brand have become real happy talismans:

A woman was born to be happy!

A happy woman is even more beautiful!

A happy woman is the main power of nature!

Happy woman is the main force of Nature